Friday, October 2, 2009

Liar Liar, Pants on Fire

Can you handle the truth? This is the question that author Andy Louis-Charles asks his fellow Americans that are enduring the hardships that the recession is having on them. Louis-Charles proves a valid point of how our government fibs to Americans only a daily basis about things that matter the most during these hard-times such as our spending and our homes. While uncovering little white lies, he also reveals some very helpful tips and advice on how to become more efficient with these issues, and who better to take advice from than another fellow American who's in the same boat we are in?

Louis-Charles states that the National Retail Federation supports the notion of more consumer spending will contribute to the repair of our economy. So basically, Americans are being told if we spend more money, then the days of recession will be history? Lie number one? I'm going to have to take sides with Louis-Charles on this one and say this is definitely a lie. Louis-Charles supports his statement with reports of rapid increase of the use of coupons in our grocery stores, but I'm supporting my statement by just simply saying that it is common sense. Spending less money equals saving more money and saving money is essentially what will get us out of this mess we are in.

Foreclosures is another major issue that is brought up in this article. Foreclosures are the highest now more than they have ever been. Although the government recognizes this as a problem, they casually say that "it will bounce back." Louis-Charles proves this to be lie number 2 by presenting valid statistics of the average annual investment return over the past years which turned out to be a significantly low number. I agree with him saying this is a false statement because of the high rise of unemployment rates. If anything needs to be bouncing back it would need to be America's employment. Without this, we have nothing.

With some logical thinking and a little common sense, it's obvious to see that the government cannot always be trusted. Now, I'm not saying to completely disregard anything that the government has to offer as far as advice because sometimes things are in the working man's favor, just put a little more time in effort into doing some research before making major decisions during the rough times.

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