Friday, September 4, 2009

Recession on Education Too?

Not only is the recession effecting our employment, it is effecting our education as well. This article by Kim Clark, "Budget Cut Takes Toll on Education," portrays the kind of boomerang effect that our declining economy is having towards our generation's education.

While the hours and raises are being cut along with our employment rates, colleges and universities are raising tuition and cutting student financial as a way cut back on their expenses. In addition to raising the cost of tuition and books, there is also a cut back on the amount of knowledge students take from courses that are filled with 200+ students with one professor. Kevin Ferguson, student of University of Arizona states, "You definitely learn less. You can't interact with the professor when you are contending with 200 to 300 other students." Not only does this effect the students, but it also effects the professor such as taking extra time to grade 200+ papers instead of putting together informative lectures for future classes or having time to answer all questions.

This article is worth reading because whats going on now, will effect us and the generations that follow. We are living examples and can relate to some of the hardships that these students are encountering. Going to school, working, and having a social life is hard. Sometimes so hard, that it's almost discouraging making a student think twice about finishing their degree and wanting to just throw in the towel. Students already have stressed times dealing with deadlines, gpa's, grades/scores, mid-terms, exams, and etc. Having to worry about how you're going to buy that $250.00 book you need for your calculus class, or how you're going to make that monthly tuition payment next month is just another burden bestowed upon us. More stress equals higher drop-out rates and everyone needs an education.


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